Marine rubber fender

The Difference between the Conical Fender and the Arched Fender

The conical fender and the arched fender are the two common fenders in the market. Next, the characteristics of the two fenders are introduced respectively:

The characteristics of the conical fender

1. The conical fender is an updated product of the drum rubber fender. Its structure is more reasonable and it can carry 70% of the deformation amount, which is nearly twice as high as that of the same size. It has a long service life and can reduce the cost of wharf engineering.

2. Its bearing angle is high, and its performance is basically unchanged when the ship's tilted berthing is below 10 degrees.

3. The front is equipped with a punching plate, which can greatly reduce the surface pressure of the ship's parting plate. The surface pressure can be controlled below 200KN/200KN/┫, especially suitable for large ships.

4. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is installed in front of the punching plate, which can reduce the friction coefficient between the ship and the fender. And this can greatly reduce the shear force when the ship is berthing, thus improves the service life of the fender.

5. It is especially suitable for wharf that requires low counter-force and high energy sucking and all wharf that uses super drum rubber fender.It has various installation forms and its installation is simple and quick.

The characteristics of the arched fender

1. Compared with the V rubber fender, the super arched rubber fender has high design compression, high energy absorption and low counter- force. It is the replacement product of V rubber fender.

2. The product has a reasonable structure and long service life.

3. It is easy to install and replace. The super arched rubber fender and the V rubber fender has the same bolt hole distance.

4. Super arched rubber fender can install anti-shock or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene overlay in the front.This can reduce the friction coefficient of surface pressure, making the shear stress greatly reduce when the ship berths.

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