Marine rubber fender

The damage reasons of rubber fender for ships

The rubber fender, also known as the rubber wood, is installed on the wharf or the ship to absorb the collision energy between the ship and the wharf or on landing or mooring, in order to protect the ship and the wharf from damage.

 The damage reasons of rubber fender for ships

1. Ship overload

This kind of damage often occurs in the rubber fender for sale for ships, especially in some old rubber fenders, often in the weak cracks of the structure. The crack is generally in the length direction of the rubber fender for ships. The D-type rubber fender and V-type rubber fender are more common. The main cause of the rubber fender cracking is that the kinetic energy of the ship colliding with the fender is too large, exceeding the load that the rubber fender can withstand. The reason for the excessive kinetic energy of the ship is that the ship's speed and the angle of the ship are too large. In particular, when the ship's angle is large, the ship bow first contacts with the wharf and the rubber fender, then the middle of the hull. The result is that the strong impact kinetic energy can concentrate on one or several fenders, causing damages to the rubber fender. In addition to the above reasons, the fact that the berthing of wharf is larger than designed ship type and tonnage and the influence of wind and wave on the ship can also cause large ship impact kinetic energy.

2. Anchorage and bad connection

This situation occurs in all kinds of rubber fenders. The rubber fender can be loose and off position, or fall off into the sea and other abnormal phenomenon. The main cause of this phenomenon is that the anchoring fender bolts or iron chain are in bad technical condition, or that the repair and maintenance are not kept in the same pace. The fixed fender bolts, chains and other metal materials rust very fast in the marine environment and are difficult to replace, causing the rubber fender in bad connection and then seriously affecting the normal use of fender. Some anchorage bolts have been designed with the condition of replacement, but they are often not ideal in practical use. For example, the anchorage bolt of V-type rubber fender for sale is in the form of embedded bolt box. The original design intention is to facilitate the repair and replacement of anchor bolts, but in the actual use, it can not be replaced because of iron rust, bolts deformation and other reasons, thus affecting the fixed quality of the rubber fender and resulting in fender loss and damage.

3. Friction damage

This situation generally occurs in the fixed V-type and D-type rubber fender for sale. It mainly includes angle drop, crack, surface scratch and other damage phenomenon. The main reason for this damage is that the friction between the rubber fender and the ship is too large. When the ship is docked at a large tangential speed, the contact part of the rubber fender and the hull is forced to move forward with the ship because of the excessive friction, causing the fender to be cut and damaged. In addition, during mooring operations, the ship sometimes needs to move forward and backward, and sway left and right or up and down due to the waves and the flow. In this case, when the friction coefficient between the ship and the rubber fender is over 0.4 (for example, the mooring cable is too tight), the fender damage may be caused.With many years of production experience in fender for ships, DPN uses high-quality natural rubber as raw materials and adds butyl benzene and other ancillary materials. It has been paying attention to the  realistic and dedicated attitude and strives to develop high-standard and high-quality products. The pneumatic rubber fender is a popular buffer and protective equipment for the ship and wharf in the world.  Because of its unique air tightness, safety and wear resistance, along with the simple operation and other advantages, it is widely used in large ships. Ocean platform, wharf and other high-strength airbags use high-quality materials and advanced technology. The smooth appearance, wear-resistance and good air tightness performance make it useable for ten years. 

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