Marine rubber fender

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Rubber Fenders From Color?

The rubber fenders in our impression are generally black, but are the black ones the same? Can we distinguish the quality of rubber fenders according to the specific black degree? Now let's have a look.
In fact, for rubber fenders, although they are black, but the purity of black is also a problem we need to consider. This problem is also a direction we need to study. In many cases, we should pay attention to the details of some basic phenomena.
The main material of high quality rubber fender is natural rubber. In fact, the high quality natural rubber has no color. The reason why our rubber fender is black is because we have added some carbon elements. This main function is to increase its wear resistance. In fact, there is a certain amount of emphasis on the amount of carbon. You are welcome to inquire about more details.
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