Marine rubber fender

Marine Pneumatic Fender

Our marine rubber fender have already produced this kind of products for over 20 years and severed kinds of customs. We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions to make the most suitable scheme. Our products are welcomed by our customers, and our excellent products and services have received very good feedback. There are many kinds of string products in the ocean. There are many products whose functions are very different.

Pneumatic marine fenders are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications where there is a solid wharf structure or a suitable support frame. Because pneumatic marine fenders are easy to install, they can be quickly redeployed to wherever they are needed. Pneumatic marine fenders can also be used as an auxiliary protection. They can also be used for special ships when permanent fixed fenders are not suitable. They are also widely employed in ship-to-ship transfer operations.

Pneumatic fenders provide the required energy at a given diameter and pressure level. The large diameter hull and structure maintain a safe gap, and its low reactivity and large contact area make them ideal for soft boats such as bulk carriers, oil tankers and aluminum speedboats.
Sling inflatable boat fenders are best suited for light and medium duty applications. The optional tethered tire mesh unit is suitable for heavy duty and exposed positions because the mesh prevents direct wear onto the fender body. 

Semi-hull rubber fenders are typically moored from the dock brackets with chains and swivels. For very high tidal locations, we offer a special mooring guidance system to prevent the fender from deviating from position.

Features of Marine Pneumatic Fender
  • Low reaction force with a high enery absorption 
  • Adjust performace by varying internal pressure
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Low transportation costs - pneumatic fenders can be deflated and folded for transport
  • Suitable for areas with tidal differences

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Marine pneumatic fender is a very practical product, it has many excellent features. First of all, this product has high energy absorption, low reaction force and surface pressure. The performance to ship and dock by two times the number of collisions, reduce the damage to ship and dock. While reducing the impact, no decline in the rate of energy absorption under any types of loading at any, contact area.

Second, the marine, pneumatic, and fender can float on the water and float up and down depending on the water level. In the process of floating back and forth, our marine pneumatic fender can guarantee very good stability without large scale lateral jitter. Thanks to our optimization of the product design, in terms of internal details of the perfect.

At the same time, taking into account the use of such products in the region, we strengthen its cold resistance, to ensure that it in cold and cold environment can also be very good performance.

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