Marine rubber fender

The Advantage of Pneumatic Fender Products

1.Safe overloading
Even when overloaded with Qingdao pneumatic fender, fenders will continue to significantly enhance their performance with load. Therefore, in the berthing system, it is the best choice to use the pneumatic fender to protect the ship. 
2.There is no metamorphic failure or variation in performance
Because the pneumatic fender of Qingdao Hangshuo takes advantage of the compressive elasticity of air, its performance has not deteriorated or failed due to fatigue operation. The fender at extremely low temperatures, even in less than 50 ℃ can remain the same.
3.Security and reliability
The pneumatic fender of Qingdao Hangshuo adopts reinforced curtain layer structure, which makes it extremely resistant to pressure and wear. The fender with a diameter greater than 2.5 meters or more is equipped with a vent valve to avoid accidents caused by excessive pressure.
4.The structure
The globe of the pneumatic fender made by our company is made up of inner layer glue, outer layer glue and strengthened ply cord. All levels are vulcanized together, and finally hydraulic pressure tests are carried out. The design and manufacture of the outer rubber compound can withstand severe use, including in harsh working conditions. At the same time, the cord fabric and the inner rubber layer can also be protected.
Introduction of pneumatic fender
The pneumatic fender uses compressed air as a buffer medium to absorb the impact energy of the ship. Compared with the general compressed fender, it has the advantages of large energy absorption, small reaction force, large contact area with the ship, small unit area of the ship, and the advantages of not reducing the performance of the inclined compression type and easy to install. It can be applied to berthing in all directions of ships, and has been widely used in berthing at sea.
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